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Elite Staffing Services Inc.
Hiring Process Hiring Process
The Elite Staffing Service hiring process is multifaceted. All applicants for employment must meet the following requirements:
  • Completed employment application - Applications can be completed on-line or by appointment in our office.
  • Personal Interview - The interview focuses on job qualifications, work history, scheduling preferences, and type of assignments desired.
  • References - Each applicant is required to submit three work related references and/or letters of recommendation. The references must be able to provide information relevant to the applicant's quality of work, reliability and work habits.
  • Personal Identification - A current photo identification which can be a driver's license or passport photo is required for positive identification. A social security card or employment eligibility card is also required.
  • License/Certificate Verification - The applicant's license or certification is verified through the State Board of Nursing or the PA Nurse Aide Registry.
  • CPR - Each Elite Staffing Service employee is required to be CPR certified. A copy of the current CPR card is kept in the employee's personnel file.
  • Criminal Background Check
  • FBI Background Check- if an out of state applicant.
  • Drug Screen at time of employment and random thereafter
  • Physical Examination Health Statement - All applicants must obtain a statement from their health care provider that verifies that they are free of communicable diseases, have no physical limitations that would prevent them from performing their duties, and are in good physical condition.
  • Yearly TB Test
  • Immunization documentation for DPT, Rubella and Hepatitis B
  • Skills Checklist specific to job duties
  • Competency Test specific to job duties
  • Orientation - Elite Staffing Services requires each new employee to attend an orientation. The orientation is held in the Elite Staffing Services office and is scheduled to suit your calendar. Employees receive information regarding our benefits and policies and the required OSHA and HIPAA information.

As an employee of Elite Staffing Services you are able to create your own work schedule, as well as your own work environment. We do our best to customize our jobs to your skills, talents and interests. We build on your current skills and introduce you to new areas of interest.

We advocate for you with our clients. If you have a particular facility where you would like to work, let us know. We will do our best to assign you regularly to that facility.