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Questions & Answers

Do I have to work weekends?
Elite Staffing Services does not require employees to work weekends, but we do have weekend work available.

Must I work a minimum number of hours each week or month?
Employees are not required to work a minimum number of hours per week or month. However, employees must let us know their availability each month. If an employee does not work for a month or more with no contact with Elite Staffing Services, the employee may be considered permanently unavailable for assignment. However to qualify for certain benefits requires a minimum number of hours.

Can I keep my job with my current employer and work for Elite Staffing Services also?
Yes, we work with your schedule and your availability. You tell us when you want to work, and we schedule your assignments when you want to work.

What if I like a particular facility and would like to work for them as their employee?
You just have to tell us and we will contact the proper representative of the facility and begin the proceedings for you to become part of their staff. If you meet their requirements and they want to hire you.

What if I like the employee you sent and I want to hire them?
Our Temp to Perm service makes us very different from other agencies. Facilities not only get the very best "agency" staff when calling Elite, you have the opportunity to hire them. You simply let us know who you want to hire, and if that employee wants to be part of your team, the process begins.

What if I like the facility or doctor's office where I am assigned and I want to be hired by them?
If you are an employee who wants to become a permanent employee of a facility, the process is the same. Contact us and let us know your wishes, and if the facility wants to hire you, the process begins.

Do you do "block" scheduling?
Yes. Many facilities and employees prefer "block" scheduling which affords consistency for both the facility and the employee.

How far in advance of my need must I call for staffing assistance?
We like to schedule as far in advance as possible to enable us to schedule the same nurse or CNA on a regular basis. However, we can also staff last minute requests.

How do I determine how many hours of care I need and what is to be done for me?
The Elite Staffing Services Case Managers will at the initial assessment discuss with you the specific care needed and the hours that will be best suited to meet your needs. She then develops your personalized Care Plan for our caregivers to follow.

What if I want to change the hours after I start service?
Simply call the office, and we will adjust your hours to better meet your needs.

How is the caregiver paid?
Elite Staffing Services employs and pays all of our caregivers. We handle all payroll matters which means that our clients never have to be concerned about taxes, social security or insurance issues regarding their caregiver. Our clients have only one bill for all services.

Can you bill my insurance company?
Yes, we accept assignment of benefits which allows us to bill the insurance company directly.

Can I receive Medicare services through Elite Staffing Services?
We provide only services that are paid privately or by insurance, however, we work closely with agencies that do provide Medicare services.

How do you choose my caregiver?
Elite Staffing Services carefully chooses your caregiver based on the skills needed for your care, personality, distance caregiver must travel, and other criteria clients may determine such as "non-smoker."

What if I want to change caregivers?
We make our best effort to match our caregivers to your needs. However, if you wish to make a change, simply call the office and we will find another caregiver.

What if I have a question after regular business hours?
You can reach us 24 hours a day, everyday.